Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Birthday Treat!

Tuesday was a day for celebrating! Our oldest daughter celebrated her 21st birthday. We sent her a little "home away from home" package to brighten her day. She trudged through 5 inches of snow to the post office at college to get it.

A thrift store tea cup filled with Valentine candies...

A tea bag cozy (look familiar?) with her favorite Peppermint tea bag and a sugar packet tucked in also...

A microwave cake to make for herself, and another for a friend--smile--so she can share her birthday. In the back of the first photo, a heart-shaped wreath and a small dog calendar (not pictured) her little sister picked out and bought with her own money.
We called in the morning to see if she'd gotten it, but she hadn't gone to the post office yet. She sent me an instant message after she went to get it. I could tell she felt loved and missed.


  1. I can see why she felt loved and missed! Nice, pretty little package...worth a trudge through the snow to receive!


  2. Hi Teresa,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I must say, I love the picture in your header, it's adorable! Your blog is very nice and I look forward to visiting more.



  3. How incredibly sweet! What a lovely gift! AND I know how wonderful it is to receive such a treat in the mail when away at college! She is blessed to have you. :)

    Have a lovely day!

  4. Christa,

    Thanks for visiting and for leaving me a comment:) It's a blessing to have another follower. I hope I can encourage you and others in the Lord through my blog!

    Thank you for your encouraging comment! We have to keep loving our kiddos in little ways don't we? It sure goes a long way.

    Pray that my blog will encourage others in the Lord, as you both have with yours:)