Friday, April 16, 2010

Joining the Gratitude Community

Ever since reading Ann Voskamp's blog, "A Holy Experience," I've been keeping my list of things to thank God for in a journal. Now I'm adding a list to my blog, so this is the beginning!

1-Of course the first thing is our Heavenly Father and His love for us in sending Christ to die for us!
2-His precious Word, in which He is revealed and through which we come to know Him
3-My salvation, becoming His child and having a right relationship with Him
4-My loving husband and two girls!
5-The small things for today that would easily be overlooked are the joy that comes from planting our flowers and bushes with our own hands and seeing them grow and bloom.
6-Crochet tutorials attentively followed today by Abby and me (we know how to knit, but not much crochet)

7-Fellowship of like-minded people
8-Health and strength

9-A girl's head bowed in intense concentration, oil pastel scratching and filling the page
10-Foreign language (French) computer program doing some of the teaching for this mom
11-Husband at the grill

Find out how you can join the Gratitude Community by visiting A Holy

holy experience


  1. How WONDERFUL!!! Welcome to the gratitude community Teresa! It has been a great blessing to my heart as I have counted and numbered the MANY blessings that we ~ as you aptly stated ~ often overlook! May the LORD bless you in this venture! :)


  2. Camille,

    I have been blessed reading your gratitude posts! It does us good to recount God's mercies and graces to us, doesn't it? I have started another habit--thanking Him for one aspect of His grace and mercy when I wake up before my feet hit the floor. It has kept me thinking more of our Lord.

    Thanks for stopping by!