Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vacation time!

We just returned from a trip to Pigeon Forge Tennessee and Indiana. We saw some strange sites along the way (Wonderworks Museum).

It was fun to stay in a camping cabin in Pigeon Forge!

Our oldest daugher Anna relaxing at the cabin.

First stop--Titanic Museum, which we'll write more about in our next few posts.

Then we headed off into the Great Smoky Mountains.
Here's our youngest daugher Abby and myself.

We experienced the highest point of the Appalachian Trail.

We climbed to the top in half a mile's hike.

Picnics along the way were fun.

Stops at craft centers were colorful and inspiring!

Finally the joy of reuniting with Mitch's sisters and step-mother in Indiana.


  1. How lovely to catch up a bit with you Teresa! It has been a little while, but life is super busy...I understand!! :)

    It looks like you had a wonderful trip! I will look forward to seeing what you saw in that Titanic museum! Fascinating history there I am sure. :)

    Were those palm trees really upside down in that first photo?? Were they even real?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Camille,

    Thanks for visiting today! I hope to describe a bit of what we saw in Titanic Museum, and show more outdoor pictures, but we weren't allowed to take pictures inside. The first picture above is the Wonderworks Museum (which we didn't visit). It's constructed to look like it's upside down, but the palm trees are not real ones.

    Hope you also have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Hi Teresa ~

    Interesting...I thought those were real palm trees! AND it will be fun to learn a little of what you saw in that Titanic's too bad you weren't allowed to take photos inside.