Sunday, January 3, 2010


Not the toy, but the fabric kind! This is a super easy hand-sewing project, which our Abby, who is 9 years old, enjoyed with me. We made a Christmas doily for our coffee table out of them, but you could make one for any time of the year. Our friend Linda Stubbs' blog was where we first saw them. She tells you at the bottom of the post how to make them, or you can search the web for more detailed instructions.

Our doily is 24 X 11 inches, which is 13 rows long by 6 rows across. We traced around a lid about 4 inches across to cut the fabric circles. This added such a nice touch to our Christmas decor!


  1. This turned out really nice Teresa! Nice pics too. I'm glad you're doing a blog so I can see what you're doing and looks great!

    Hugs from your sister!

  2. This turned out so pretty Teresa. They are so fun to make. Your colors are so beautiful! I always have a little baggie ready with fabric and thread and needle. Like you said that they are nice for anytime of the year. Tell Abby she did a wonderful job.

    Hope you had a nice weekend. Our day was very encouraging. Our Pastor really preached the word. Well, he always does, but it was very good on Sunday.

    Blessings to you and yours,

  3. My grammie made me one of these for Christmas last year and I absolutely love it! I hope to make some myself at some point! :)

    Just found your blog and wanted to say "hello"! :)

  4. Katy,

    Thanks for stopping by! I see you're a fellow yo-yo lover. Hope you can make some too since they're super simple:)